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The salon experience doesn't stop when you leave – browse our collection of products to pamper yourself at home.

  • Body Butter 4oz

    Luxe-whipped Body Butter! Leaves your skin hydrated and silky. The different scents are delicious. Pure elegance.

  • Lord Have Mercy 16 oz

    Luxurious body soak made with the finest teas, salts, herbs, milk and essential oils. It calms the mind, body and spirit. Smells like the spa!

  • Moisturizing Sugar Scrubs 8oz

    Exfoliating at its finest! The smell alone is to die for. Super hydration, all-natural ingredients. No chemicals or artificial colors. Fragrance used. Apply On clean, wet skin, using circular motions all over. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow with Caie Reid’s Body butter for maximum glow! All products are hand-mixed by Caie.

  • NourishedHair Growth Oil

    Nourished can be used as a pre-poo, hot oil treatment, or scalp moisturizer, it helps to maximize hair growth and helps with a dry and itchy scalp. Made with essential oils.

  • CAIE REID Hair Protector

    This Caie Reid hand-made hair protector is designed to keep the hair healthy while laying down. It can be used as a protective layer under caps and as a cute headband around your edges.

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